Each link contains the actual patent link and highlighted Screenshots of interest.

1. Screenshots of Modernatx and it's actually a cancer therapy. (click to see/save all screenshots)


2. Screenshots of Pfizer (click to see/save all screenshots)


2a. Screenshots of Pfizer Paxlovid (click to see/save all screenshots)


3. Screenshots of Johnson and Johnson (click to see/save all screenshots)


4. Screenshots of AstraZeneca (click to see/save all screenshots)


5. Screenshots of GlaxoSmithKline (click to see/save all screenshots)


6. Screenshots of Novavax (click to see/save all screenshots)


7. Screenshots of Gilead (click to see/save all screenshots)


8. Screenshots of Oxford (click to see/save all screenshots)


9. Screenshots of Aids Vaccine Initiative Inc., Merck (click to see/save all screenshots)


10. Screenshots of Sputnik (click to see/save all screenshots)


11. Screenshots of Sinovac (click to see/save all screenshots)


12. Screenshots of Curevac (click to see/save all screenshots)


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CLICK HERE for all major brands. (on Google patents)

For more patent and Screenshot/highlighted info

Hydrogel (Screenshots)

Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) (Screenshots)

Expression Cassette (GMO tech) (Screenshots)

Zombie-like Virus Vectors (Screenshots)

Reverse Transcriptase (Screenshots)

Snake Venom (Screenshots)

Lectin (more venom) (Screenshots)

Crystalline structures (Screenshots)

Luciferase (Screenshots)

HIV (Screenshots)

Myocarditis (Screenshots)

Carcinogens (Screenshots)

Coagulants listed (blood clotting).

Infertility listed (sterilization)

Spike protein (borrowed from Dr Cole's work)

Religious Prohibitions (Screenshots)

5G patent technology (Abandoned) (Screenshots)

Worldwide surveillance system (Screenshots)


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List of important components

Videos of Independent Microscopy analysis of Covid-19 vials and/or patient blood samples:

Video 1 Dr Robert Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD. Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines

Video 2 Dr. Bärbel Ghitalla and her team put different brands under a microscope and found things they could not explain, but are explained in the patent.

Video 3 Dr Ricardo Delgado a biostatistician from the La Quinta Columna research group in Spain discovered that 99% of the Pfizer contents are Graphene Oxide. This team was smeared by fact checkers who provided no evidence of their claims.

Video 4 Dr Armin Koroknay, Research director. Private Consultants and Research Institute of Zürich. Analysis the effects of Vaccination on Blood.

Video 5 Dr Carrie Madej presents interesting Microscopic findings resembling self-aware Hydra vulgaris that could be artificial.

Video 6 Organism that resembles a Hydra Vulgaris seen in blood samples

Video 7 Naturopath Peggy Marienfeld (ND) and Dr Love (ND), discuss vaxxine injury and protocols.

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